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          A Traditional Light last 750 hours for 37 cents.
         A LED light last 20,000 hours and costs $45.

Sometimes I have an older customer that has a light bulb in a hard to reach place, and he or she calls me to replace the light bulb every year or two. When I install a LED light, it will most likely

save this customer from paying for

service calls to change light bulbs.

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TED Talk

Watch this interesting video on light history and where technology is going with the light bulb.

To Use or Not To USE

You see the new LED lights on the shelves and wonder, are they worth the price? Here are some pros and cons to consider. Also, an interesting TED Talk  link reviewing light history and where the future is headed, including your lights creating your Wi-Fi connection and it will be called Li-Fi.

Cons for LEDs

  • LEDs cost more money when you purchase them. You may not have the money or want to invest in the light long term.
  • LEDs have fewer decorative styles available than the older light bulbs, although, more styles are gradually being created.

Pros for LEDs

  • LEDs last longer. While initial investment is more, it pays for itself with a longer usage life. LEDs last decades instead of years.
  • LEDs cost less to run because it uses less electric thanks to the new technology.

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