Licensed Electrician Rodney Pack serving Hillsboro and Highland County, Ohio Since 1982      

"My first job was a receptionist/office assistant. I enjoyed greeting people as they
came into the lobby of the building. Now that I am working for D & P Electric
Services, I also greet people. But now it is over the phone instead of in person.
I am happy to be here in a setting where I am able to assist customers with their concerns about electrical issues or projects they may need to get scheduled with
our team. I enjoy being able to help people." 

Licensed Electrician Rodney Pack is now passing his skills and
thirty-five years experience onto the next generation of electricians.

"I have always enjoyed helping people. My first job was as a nurse's aide. People often call our office in a panic because electric problems make them concerned about fire.  My job is to calm them down and get the team scheduled."  
Charlotte Pack

Office Assistant Darlene Helterbrand 
She joined the team in April 2017 and has known Rodney and Charlotte Pack for 17 years. Darlene answers the phone, schedules the team and assists Charlotte in the office. Darlene has an Associate's  Degree in Applied Business: Office Information Technology from Southern State Comminity College.

Apprentice Electrician Joseph Davis
He joined the team in December 2017. Joseph completes projects
and preforms troubleshooting. He has worked in the electrical trade
since 2012. After high school graduation, Joseph started working in 
the electrical field alongside his stepfather Rob, who worked in the commercial side of the electric trade for 20 years. Joseph likes
working with his hands and solving problems.

“I decided to move to the residential side because I like helping people. I want to continue in this field long term.”  
Joseph Davis

“I feel like I should have known electrical work was what I was meant to do. Back in high school, I got my first training in trouble shooting and electrical work at a video store. It became my job to repair people’s video game systems. I always enjoyed taking them apart and looking through all the parts to discover what went wrong and fix it. I still get the same joy out of working on houses for people today.”  Michael Finzel

Apprentice Electrician Michael Finzel 

He joined the team in May 2015.  Michael performs troubleshooting and completes projects. Michael graduated from Hillsboro High School in 2006. After graduation, he tried various career paths but it was in the National Guards doing electrical work Michael found his niche.

“When I was a kid, my family went to visit my Aunt Bertha and Uncle John Nicholas in Dayton, Ohio. While the rest of the family was visiting, I ran to the garage where Uncle John was always working.  He created new gadgets combining his woodworking and electrical skills.  When I arrived, Uncle John would eagerly showed me his latest little inventions and then joyfully chuckle.  I was awe struck at his genius.  Also during the late 1960s and 70s, my dad and I would find some small broken appliances and fix them. Then take the newly conditioned appliances to the flea market to sale. I learned some cash. I guess I come by my skills naturally." 
Rodney Pack

Office Manager Charlotte Pack

She has been co-operator of D & P Electric Services, LLC since 1989. Charlotte answers the phone, schedules the team and manages the office. ​​She has a Bachelor's Degree in Writing for Social Awareness and Change from Wilmington College and is one of the youngest members of the Highland County Women's Hall of Fame. Charlotte was inducted for her preservation of Highland County history and her writing as a journalist and author.

Licensed Master Electrician
Rodney Pack
He has been serving Highland County, Ohio and the surrounding areas for over 35  years. 
 Rodney operates the company, provides estimates
and completes jobs for

D & P Electric Services, LLC.

Rodney graduated from Hillsboro High School and received his electrical training at Laurel Oaks Vocational School. After graduation, Rodney went into partnership with an experienced electrician. Al Drake had 40 years experience and operated Drake Electric. D & P initials originally stood for Drake and Pack. Now D & P stands for "dependable partners in electric service." Rodney’s informal training started as a child.

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